1. Squadra Verde1000532184
  Admira Wacker
2. GobeliN72316021
  Unia Tarnów
3. Marqs40299890
  GKS Tychy
4. Bolek&Lolek38160875
  GKS Katowice
5. Conan30946935
  Legia Warszawa
6. koniu123501172
  Chemik Pustków
7. Rotz&Wasser22139737
  Admira Wacker
8. Watchmen19833981
  Admira Wacker
9. united austria19635316
  Admira Wacker
10. Biały Kurp19436003
  Bug Wyszków

1. djbobo62
  GKS Tychy
2. zorax22
  Unia Tarnów
3. Tygrysek13
  ŁKS Łódź
4. 19sZycha4612
  GKS Tychy
5. Dadi207
  FC Porto
6. Żółto Niebiescy6
  GKS Tychy
7. Biały Kurp5
  Bug Wyszków
8. Bayerok4
  Bayern München
9. cn012
  FC Zurich
10. Gregg2
  Dinamo Zagreb

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The game has got continuous characteristics, meaning, the player constantly manages the team, items purchased, stadium development, and all hools and respect points are set at zero
The players compete in two individual categories:

Respekt - games take place at home or away. The player gains respect points for home games (the quantity is dependant upon the number of ultras teams, number and type of items used and opponent's appeal) The player also gains respect points for away games – every action can be performed, but its success is dependant on the bravery of your team and the number of police officers present, which depends on rivals appeal (the more stars the opponent has, the larger the numbers of police during the game)

Hools - players fight beetween each other in set-up fights. What matters is hools' team size, training level (bravery, endurance, technique). Every player may attack another one, provided that both are in the same or neighbouring hools' leagues. A player who has been attacked is given 15 minutes untouchability period, furthermore ,, he can only be attacked for half an hour subsequent to logging out or inactivity. Player gains 2 points for a set-up victory and -1 point for failure, should a player attack a team with which he has a scythe both positve and negative points are doubled. The attacker loses 15% of energy during setups, whilst the attacked looses none. The players also compete in a club category, where every team's player's points are added up. A black list also exists, meaning that if you have been attacked by someone, you can pay him back wihin 24 hours.

Info - allows checking of a number of ultras items
Team – allows management of your hools and ultras teams, , including naming, observation of the type of training and time left, etc. Ever hools member has got pre-assigned bravery and endurance.
Matches – allows playing of matches. Home games – you organise ultras actions, performed by ultras teams. As the level of training of ultras team member increases, new types of actions appear. Every action has got minimum level of energy required, number of ultras members and ultras equipment, the quantity of which has to equal the number of people. When you develop a team, teach them new actvities, they can do a number of performances during a match, for example – you have a team of 7, who can do balooning and trash – dump, you have got 7 baloons and 7 serpentines, meaning that you can do balooning and trash-dump during the same game. You have to bear in mind, that cash comes from the number of tickets sold, on the other hand, the greater the ornament the more respect points are gained. Away – only hools go to away games, you can pre-select every action which will be performed, but the success will be dependant upon the strength of your hools team and the number of police officers present, which increases with rivals appeal. Successful action gains you hools points – the more difficult the action, the higher the number of points.
Match with friends - here you can to acquire more points respekt.
Fight - look point 1. hools
Training – allows training of team. Ultras – allows training of ultras to perform better ultras actions. Weights room – for training of hools, all hools must perform all other exercises to be able to perform the exercise giving him the most energy. Endurance of every hools member reduces after each set-up, but can be re-gained though the use of the weights – room.

Martial Arts – there are eight martial arts – two to choose per each level. Thanks to these abilities, your hools can perform more fights during a duel.
. Stadium – during home games you earn money from sold tickets, hence it is worth to develop the stadium to allow more people to attend your games.

SPA – here you can increase your energy thanks to PayPall or Daopay
Shop – allows purchase of items fit for use by a fan on virtual games. Shop takes 5% of energy.

Pawn shop – here you can get rid of unnecessary items – 5% of energy.

Boosters – you can improve your people using boosters, which improve the endurance for a limited period of time, and hence your man can have over 100% endurance. Energy taken during purchase – 5%. Furthermore, every booster limits the time of weights-room exercise during its activity.
Bar –the bar is always open. For cash and 5% of energy hools as well as ultras can be tempted to join the team. Every hools joining the team has an arbitrary bravery and endurance.
You bear the daily subsistence costs of every new team member (ultras and hools).

Messages – communication device used for communication between users.
Profile – allows for

a. changing of password
b. uploading of an avatar (uploading of a picture, compression of which will be automatic)
c. if you do not wish to play set-ups, this can be switched off, but remember, that after turning off the set-up option you would not be able to enable it thereafter.
d. naming of your hools and ultras team
e. establishment of allies and scythes - remember, you cannot change that in the future!!!!

16.Alliances – every user can be a member of only one alliance and has got two possibilities - alliance. An alliance has got one Grandmaster i.e. the founder of an alliance with full rights, masters, chosen by the Grandmaster, and soldiers. The rivalry is of a league-type, and battles take place at a given time of day, i.e.9.00, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00, 21.00, ,and pairs for a given day are drawn at midnight. 00:00.
A member of a given alliance must confirm attendance within 15 minutes preceding the fight. - The game of real fans